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"Mark Perez is a talented and insightful speaker. His message resonated with my students and inspired them to think about their legacy within our school and community. We're excited to see his message continue to resonate with our students and communities in the area!"

Ben Ballew
Arlington High School Leadership Adviser and English Teacher

“Mark Perez was able to engage my Leadership Class with his relevant stories and life lessons. He is relatable and affable, he dives right into the story and his sincerity and authenticity are appreciated by all!”

Johanna Phillips

Shorecrest High School Leadership / ASB ADVISOR


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"I am"

The "I am" promise::

1. Tools to be productive In and Out of School


2. Personalized road-map for success in school while preparing for the real world


3. The secret to genuine, lasting happiness that you can consistently and frequently call back to :)

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The Times once sent out an inquiry to famous authors, asking the question, “What’s wrong with the world today?” and Chesterton responded simply,

“Dear Sir,

I am.

Yours, G.K. Chesterton.”

Do you ever wonder: What am I going to do with my life? What do I want to do when I grow up?

... (Do you still not have an answer? Or do your students and leaders STILL not know?)


The questions we ask have great intentions, however they are often misguided

(No fault of our own!)

In order to grow, we have to be guided with the right mindset

Which is why I AM is the perfect way to capture our vision, our road map and keys to success. 


When we ask "whats wrong with the world" and YOU answer "I AM" that's ownership, and that's progress. 

In this keynote/workshop you will find YOUR personal answer


If you want to succeed in and out of school:

Discover YOUR life purpose by identifying with ONE specific problem/blessing in the world. ONE that makes YOU inspired.



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"Mark Perez inspired us all to go on to do bigger and better things. At our banquet, he quotes; "it's been one heck of a run, but like all runs, it comes to an end." I haven't graduated yet but I will always remember this especially when I am a senior because, high school is just one little part of our lives, we have so much more to fulfill and experience. He taught me that high school doesn't determine who we are, we determine who we are by our life choices."

Makenna L.

High School Student, DECA member and Varsity Cross Country Runner



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