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What your audience recieves:

1. Habits needed to be productive at Home, at Work, in School AND for LIFE!


2. The ONE map NEEDED to journey toward lifelong success


3. The secret to genuine and lasting happiness :)

"Mark Perez is a talented and insightful speaker. His message resonated with my students and inspired them to think about their legacy within our school and community. We're excited to see his message continue to resonate with our students and communities in the area!"

Ben Ballew
Arlington High School Leadership Adviser and English Teacher


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"I am"

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We believe that when ownership happens united exponential progress is made.

do YOU ever wonder whats wrong with the world? WHats wrong with me?

This stems from a philosophy... Composed of a single question "what do you want to do with YOUR life?" 

The question that should be getting asked is:

"What is the ONE problem in the world YOU want to solve?"

(This converts the thinking from "What about me" to "what about us, about we, and about you")

This question gives a unique perspective on the direction in which students, teachers, and leaders view success and productivity in the world and in their lives

"We don't get told our story, we discover it..."


In this Keynote/ workshop:


Discover YOUR story by learning/identifying with ONE specified problem or blessing in the world and developing a plan of action!




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